At La Complice, we offer a full range of personalized services for women who care about their appearance and who want to look good in their work life or during social activities. From tailor-made tailor to the latest sport wear, we can dress you from head to toe for each of our beautiful Canadian seasons. Furthermore, we provide you with highly personalized service that will make your shopping experience exceptional. Don’t be shy. Come visit us today! We will be pleased to welcome you and offer you the La Complice experience.


The expertise of our women’s fashion consultants is unparalleled in the Outaouais. With almost of twenty years of experience, La Complice has shown that its team has always been service-oriented and foreseen emerging fashion trends year after year. Our role is to get to know you and advise you on a style that reflects your personality and that will make you look good.

If you have never worn clothing specially tailored for you, we strongly recommend it. Women who wear custom clothing can no longer do without their exceptional looks and comfort.



At La Complice, we’ve built a solid reputation over the years. Thanks to the expertise of our experienced tailor, we offer each customer clothing that fits perfectly. Whether you’re a store client or not, if you have a garment to adjust like a coat, jacket, blouse, skirt or pants, we can do it for you.

Our partner, St + Amour style & mode, offers, with its supplier Classy, ​​a beautiful large selection of tuxedos. You have a wedding, a gala or big event, your father, your boy or your spouse, will be able to be by your side with elegance.



Have you lost track of all the clothes that are slumbering in your closet? Have you lost or gained weight? The personalized wardrobe analysis service offered by La Complice is the perfect way for you to sort out the right clothes that are still hidden among everything you have and those that may no longer deserve a place in your wardrobe.

Do you have a busy schedule and need your new clothes quickly? At La Complice, service has always been our priority. We can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate you and deliver your clothes to your office, home, or hotel on the evening of a special event.